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Government & Legislative Affairs

Highlights of the 81st Nevada Legislative Session 2021

PASSED Senate Bill 151- Sponsored by Senator Dondero Loop & Senator Lange

This bill requires the Board of Trustees from WCSD and CCSD to develop plans to improve ratios of pupil to specialized instructional support personnel (SISP), specifically addressing school counselors.  

1.  The plan should:

    • Address ratios adopted by the State Board pursuant to NRS 388.890.  (250:1)
    • Strategies to recruit and retain school counselors...
    • Annual targets to meet the ratio of pupils to specialized instructional support personnel recommended by the State Board pursuant to NRS 388.890.

2.  By October 1 of each year the WCSD and CCSD Board of Trustees shall submit to the Department a report on the implementation of the plan developed including the following:

    • The ratio of pupils to SISP for the immediately preceding school year, disaggregated by type of SISP, and any progress made to meet the recommended ratio.
    • Evaluation of the strategies to recruit and retain SISP
    • Strategy to be implemented over the next school year to meet the annual targets identified

3. Continuing Education requirements:

    • Each school counselor...shall complete continuing education as determined by the Commission
    • The Commission shall adopt regulations establishing continuing education requirements for school counselors

***For more information on Senate Bill 151- please access the link here.***

Other Key Bills that Passed  

Heath & Wellness:

    • SB249 Text (  the  board  of  trustees  of  a school  district  or  the  governing  body  of  a  charter  school to  include  certain  information  on  an  identification  card issued  to  a  pupil; requiring a  pupil to  be  excused from attendance at a public school for behavioral health reasons in certain circumstances.


    • AB67 Text (  provisions  relating  to the suspension,  expulsion  or  permanent  expulsion  of a  pupil from a  public school.
    • SB354 Text ( for the inclusion of data to recognize  public  schools  that  reduce  the  frequency  of suspension, expulsion or removal of pupils from school in the statewide system of accountability.
    • AB371 Text ( to discrimination based on race; including discrimination based on race in existing law relating to bullying and cyberbullying.

Financial Aid:

    • AB235 Text ( the board of trustees of a school district and the governing bodies of certain charter and private schools to provide support and assistance to certain pupils and their parents/guardians in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 


    • SB439 Text ( provisions relating to the Education Gift Fund; revising the sources of revenue for the State Education Fund; revising the method for determining the amount of and distributing money to support the operation of the public schools in this State.
    • AB495 Text ( the disbursement of certain federal money to the Department of Education and the State Public Charter School Authority for the purpose of making grants for certain educational purposes; requiring the Commission on School Funding to investigate sources of revenue to fund public education.

Please click NvSCA GA Committee Legislation 6_7_21.docx (1).pdf for a full list of bills that passed and did not pass. 

For more information or questions please contact: Keeli Killian, Chair of NvSCA Government Affairs Committee at

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