NvSCA Board Member Code of Ethics

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Nevada School Counselor Association (NvSCA)

Board Member Code of Ethics


As a leader who helps to promote excellence in the profession of school counseling, it is my ethical responsibility to see to it that the work of my school counseling association board meets standards and goals that result in significant progress for the profession in my state.  Therefore it is of the utmost importance that board meetings operate as efficiently as possible.  To not do so will only hinder the collective work to advance the profession of school counseling. 

As a fully responsible and participating member of the leadership of NvSCA, I will demonstrate my commitment to the association and the profession by agreeing to the following:


I will read and re-read the laws and policies under which the Board operates.

I will prepare for, attend, and participate in the meetings of the Board and committees to which appointment has been accepted.

I will ensure each matter is dealt with in a fair, equitable, impartial and just manner based on what is best for school counselors, and ultimately, the students that they serve.

I will accept responsibility and accountability for the decisions made by the Board, regardless of personal opinion and I will not, through word or deed, undermine the collective decision of the board.

I will maintain confidentiality of confidential documents, information, and general Board matters.

I will demonstrate mutual respect and support for each other and Board staff in all Board-related activities.

I will not speak or act for the Board without proper authorization.

I will listen carefully to other Board members.

I will carefully consider and respect the opinions of other Board members.



As a member of the NvSCA, I shall not:


Criticize fellow Board members or their opinions, outside of board meetings.

Use the organization or my position for my personal advantage or that of my friends, relatives, or associates.

Vote on any issue before hearing the discussion and becoming fully informed on that issue.



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